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Skycatch Raises $25M to Scale Advanced Robotics Solutions for Enterprise

Over the past 2 1/2 years, Skycatch has experienced rapid growth as pioneers in advanced robotics innovation, scaling for enterprise, and shaping policy & regulations within a nascent, yet quickly evolving drone industry. As the only drone data company that provides fully autonomous end-to-end solutions for industrial environments, we digitize the physical world into actionable… continue reading »

Skycatch Presents to Prospective Japanese PM, Shinjiro Koizumi

Today, Skycatch had the privilege of meeting with the prospective future Prime Minister of Japan, Shinjiro Koizumi, to showcase the groundbreaking robotics solution for automating the construction industry with powerhouse corporation, Komatsu. The son of former Japanese PM, Junichiro Koizumi, witnessed the duo’s autonomous machinery and drones working together to highlight the improved accuracy, efficiency and overall optimization their solution… continue reading »

Healthy Habits Build Better Companies

Skycatch strongly believes in fostering a healthy culture by encouraging physical activity, good nutrition, and stress relief. As part of this effort, we’ve recently instituted our new fitness program, SkyFit. SkyFit is now available to all employees and is designed to optimize employee health and productivity in the office. SkyFit gives employees a chance to… continue reading »

Skycatch Deploying UAVs and Two Engineers to Nepal for Earthquake Relief

Skycatch is joining the relief efforts for Nepal by providing UAV mapping assistance after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the country on Saturday. We are deploying a number of resources to help with search and rescue, logistics, planning, and damage assessment. This week, two Skycatch engineers are heading to Kathmandu to map the highest priority… continue reading »


Skycatch is excited to welcome Nair Flores as our Director of Legal, IP, and Policy. Nair’s combined legal expertise and extensive background in engineering give our team a unique advantage and greater confidence as we continue to evolve as leading providers of UAV data for enterprise. After kick-starting her career as an IP attorney, she… continue reading »


Bechtel, the largest civil engineering and construction company in the U.S., was granted a 333 exemption by the FAA to operate Skycatch’s fully autonomous UAV data solution at construction sites across the nation. “We teamed with Skycatch to explore innovative ways of integrating drones into our execution systems, particularly on the megaprojects Bechtel is building… continue reading »


We are proud to announce that Steven Denning has joined Skycatch as an investor. Mr. Denning is currently the Chairman and a founding member of General Atlantic, one of the most respected private equity firms in the world. He brings with him decades of experience working with high growth companies in a multitude of sectors…. continue reading »

Skycatch Hosts Ireland’s Minister of Transport, Tourism, and Sport

Skycatch was honored to host Ireland’s Minister of Transport, Tourism, and Sport for an engaging discussion on UAV strategy and regulatory environments. Businesses all over the world are increasingly turning their attention to the wealth of data UAVs can collect. As local governments begin work on regulating this emerging industry, many companies want to get… continue reading »

Feeding the World with Data

Each year the agriculture industry is spending more and producing less due to preventable causes. Mapping crops with UAVs outfitted with a variety of sensors can capture valuable data that solves a host of problems and optimizes operations and production. Irrigation monitoring, pathogen and infection detecting, and molecular (e.g. CO2, ammonia) sensing are just a few of the many different… continue reading »

Skycatch & Jared Leto Support Climate and Wildlife Efforts for the WWF

Skycatch is committed to giving back to our community and to partnering with great organizations that do the same. Our latest donation will go towards supporting the work of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). The WWF has many ambitious yet vital initiatives connected by six core areas of focus – wildlife, climate, food, freshwater, marine, and… continue reading »