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Webinar Recap: Capture, Process, Plan With Juniper Unmanned

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In our latest webinar, we were joined by Jason San Souci, the self proclaimed “Principal Drone Nerd” of Juniper Unmanned. We set out to answer a burning question: What is the best workflow for the lone-wolf drone surveyor? To answer this question, we compared two different workflows: the Skycatch High Precision Package workflow, and a common ground control points workflow, evaluating which would be the most efficient for a one-man UAV operation.

What’s your favorite flavor of precision control?

The webinar started off with a few great audience questions - but one question in particular stood out: Which method of precision control do you prefer? 56% of the audience said that ground control points were their preferred method, 28% said PPK, and 17% said RTK was their preferred method of precision control. One takeaway could be that the GCPs are what most UAV pilots prefer out of familiarity - and a relevant topic for the remainder of the webinar.

A Tale of Two Workflows

Juniper Unmanned Comparison-1Jason broke down the differences in time needed for each step the workflows, assuming that both UAS were used over the same area of interest.

While the time spent on planning the mission, the hardware setup, and flight time remained equal, that’s where the similarities end. The Skycatch system doesn’t require GCPs to get high accuracy (read the white paper here), and the Edge1’s ability to rapidly process your data in-field eliminates the need to transfer at the office. In the common GCP workflow, you’re still setting ground control by the time that the Edge1 has finished processing and exported to a USB stick, ready to hand off to the customer.

Watch the webinar here:

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