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Licensed Surveyor Proves Skycatch Delivers Reliable 5cm Accuracy Without GCPs

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High Precision Package Takeoff

As the drone data industry has advanced and grown, the number of drone data solutions have grown with it. But the density of piece-meal drone data offerings that exist are admittedly confusing. The industry has placed a lot of effort on marketing, with less emphasis on arming customers with the knowledge and facts they need to make good decisions on which products best suit them.

We hear the same feedback from many construction professionals: it is difficult to put together a company-wide drone program with all the different disconnected drone data products on the market without wasting a lot of time on trial and error. To make the matters worse, there is little to no scientific data available to make an informed decision.

The Skycatch High Precision Package is a RTK-based complete drone data solution that delivers reliable accuracy as a true alternative to ground control points (GCPs). To validate our accuracy, our full-time licensed surveyor ran comprehensive tests and had construction professionals from several different companies verify the results. The resulting whitepaper details the approach we take to collect and calculate accuracy of all Skycatch products.


Skycatch Accuracy Testing Grounds


Our testing ground was Treasure Island, San Francisco, at a live site that has many of the features our customers might encounter on a typical construction project. We spent months putting the High Precision Package through more than 40 flights in a variety of weather and lighting conditions.

The results of our study concluded that the High Precision Package not only achieves an accuracy value of 5cm RMSE consistently, but that it has an achievable accuracy 2cm RMSE, without the need for ground control points.

We hope that the transparency provided by this whitepaper will help to establish a methodology for you to evaluate the drone data solution that best fit your needs. Contact Us if you would like to learn more about the Skycatch High Precision Package.

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