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Skycatch Partners with Dwyka to Provide Mining Solutions in South Africa

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Skycatch is proud to announce our new channel partnership with Dwyka Mining Services, a leading mining solutions provider headquartered in South Africa. 

The combination of Dwyka’s focus on delivering best-in-class technology and sustainability solutions aligned with Skycatch’s proven 3D mapping solutions will deliver great benefits to Africa’s mining clients. 

Dwyka’s advanced 3D point cloud and SLAM LiDAR empowers mining companies to transform their operations through the application of digital technologies.

Dwyka Mining Services is a Pan-African mining technology company with offices in South Africa, Botswana, and Tanzania. Dwyka helps mining clients’ adopt and adapt to evolving technologies. 

The company focuses on supporting efforts to improve safety, health, and environmental conditions in the collaborative pursuit of the digital mine of the future. 

Skycatch brings its proprietary, advanced software and hardware for generating fast, reliable, survey-grade 3D data to this partnership. 

Fast, Safe, and Accurate. No Ground Control Points Needed. Fully offline.

Skycatch Edge1 technology is a GNSS receiver and an edge computer. It provides 5cm accuracy in x,y, and z without ground control points, reducing collection time by over 50% and nearly eliminating safety risks for survey crews. 

Skycatch Edge 1 also allows generating outputs (point clouds, orthomosaics, 3D mesh, and DSMs) in as little as 15-30 minutes, without the need for an internet connection.  

Analytics and Shareable Data for Enterprise Customers 

Additionally, Skycatch Data Hub allows end-users to view, analyze, and share data, as well as import LiDAR generated outputs, bringing strong value to projects’ stakeholders. 

Skycatch solutions are used in over 10,000 construction and mining sites in more than 25 countries.

“Southern Africa is a strategic market for Skycatch, and we are very excited about this partnership. Dwyka Mining Services is a technology-driven company fully specialized in mining. I believe Dwyka Mining Services and Skycatch are a great match and now end customers have easy access to Skycatch technologies via a leading and very professional local partner, Matteo Triacca, Head of Sales EMEA.

Jamie Van Schoor, CEO of Dwyka Mining Services, said, “It’s fantastic to be partnering with the Skycatch team who have delivered a disruptive set of tools and moved swiftly to answer global mining clients’ frustrations on site. We believe their aerial capture technology, workflows, and onboarding address the key pain points around empowering users for aerial data capture. By removing the need for GCP targets and still delivering 5cm accuracy with these time and safety benefits – the sky's the limit! With many of our clients extending their DJI platforms to blend their LiDAR capability with this user-friendly, interoperable photogrammetry solution, we are confident that our technology stack and Skycatch’s suite of computer vision applications for 3D reconstruction, data post-processing, and analysis will further empower our clients to fully embrace their digital twin ambitions.”