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WORKMODE Expert Pilot Spotlight: Trevor Duke

The WORKMODE team is humbled by the overwhelming response from drone pilots around the world. We’d like to give a shoutout to one of our top pilots, Trevor Duke from Florida. Trevor and his company Icarus Aerials have already completed 23 WORKMODE-powered maps for clients ranging from golf courses to construction sites. “Skycatch allows us to… continue reading »

Skycatch Makes History with Exemption from FAA

Skycatch has some incredibly exciting news – the FAA has just granted Clayco one of the first exemptions to fly drones commercially in the United States with a Skycatch drone. Tomislav Zigo, a Director at Clayco who has been pioneering the company’s UAV efforts, said “I am pleased with this development, and looking forward to… continue reading »

Skycatch on the main stage at Autodesk University

We had the honor of having our mining work featured this past week during the closing keynote at Autodesk University in Las Vegas.  This is the premier event for companies and practitioners involved in computer aided design, planning and construction, with attendance of over 10,000 people. We look forward to showcasing even more of our work… continue reading »

Debut WORKMODE Workshop at AU in Vegas

The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Economist agree — drones are big business. If you’re attending Autodesk University 2014, a gathering of 10,000 specialists in construction, design, manufacturing, and mapping, you’ll see what we mean. Interest in UAV technology from property owners, construction companies, farmers, and city planners is increasing. But what does… continue reading »

Defining Rules of the Sky for UAVs in the US

As the market for commercial UAVs (and UAV data) grows in the world’s busiest airspace, the FAA has consistently stated that its primary focus is on public safety. We are completely aligned with this goal.  Skycatch’s technology is designed to operate safely and reliably in a wide range of environmental conditions.  We test and deploy… continue reading »

Skycatch and Avalon Ventures: A Match Made in Innovation

When Rich Levandov, Managing Director at Avalon Ventures, connected with Skycatch CEO, Christian Sanz, it didn’t take long for them to realize that the two companies would have a future. Levandov was already interested in the UAV space and Skycatch came onto his radar through what he calls the “serendipity and power of the network.”… continue reading »

Web Summit 2014

This week, Skycatch is presenting at Web Summit, the world’s premier conference in enterprise technology. With hundreds of leaders presenting and 20,000 people attending, it’s like the Coachella of the tech world. Where else could one bounce from stage to stage, listening to the founder of DropBox, the CTO of Nike, the former CEO of… continue reading »

Earn Money Flying Drones & Join the thousands of pilots in the WORKMODE™ Network

Transform your drone into a mapping machine For over a year, the Skycatch team has been working directly with some of the biggest construction, mining, and energy companies in the world and successfully optimized their workflow and operations using aerial captured data. We spent months in the field side-by-side with our clients, learning how they can use an accurate,… continue reading »

Expanding into Australia

Australia. The land of the ‘fair go’, throwing shrimp on the barbie and Aussie Rules Footy. It is also the driest inhabited continent on earth, where the mining and agricultural sectors account for a significant percentage of the nation’s exports.​ This continent is absolutely perfect for our system, and here is why: Our client Rio… continue reading »