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Webinar Recap: Optimizing Construction Operations with Drones

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Thank you to everyone who joined the webinar Robots, Rework, and ROI: Optimizing Construction Operations with Drones! In case you missed the webinar, here’s a quick recap, and you can watch the recording here:

Here are some of the key takeaways from the webinar.

Drones Produce Quantifiable Truth

Drones have made it cost-effective to get huge amounts of data about what goes on in day-to-day construction operations. When this real-time data is utilized, it allows for easy communication of fast-paced and ever-changing site conditions. Drone data gives us quantifiable, measurable truth of what happened on the ground, which reduces finger pointing and increases accountability and efficiency.


Maintain the “Common Operating Picture”

One of most important practices that will deliver the most value when using drones for construction is maintaining a “common operating picture” - start collecting data as soon as possible, collect it consistently, and share it with regularity to all stakeholders involved. 


This practice allows you to manage your subcontractors much more effectively from a pay application perspective. Regular site mapping lets your measure, control, and understand the financials of what’s happening on the site. This 4D planning, when started from the design phase, will deliver quantifiable value in every phase of a construction project: preconstruction, demolition, site prep, utilities, foundation, structural, facade, landscaping, and closeout.


What’s Next: More Accuracy, More Safety, More Drones

Construction accounts for 1/3rd of all drone use, and is one of the industries that stand to gain the most from drone data in the next 5-10 years. As adoption increases, more will be asked of drones and the companies that serve the construction industry. 



Company-wide drone programs will expand as use cases go beyond video and manual photo collection. Automated, always accurate, and consistent data will become the standard. Reliance on GCPs will decrease as RTK/PPK systems proliferate, nearly eliminating exposure risk for surveyors as time-in-field efficiency increases by 200%-300%. The massive amount of rich drone data will become a better source for artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, setting the stage for automated construction and a new era of construction productivity.


Want to learn more about how drones can deliver quantifiable ROI across your construction operations? Reach out and give us a call at 1-888-SKY-4-ROI or shoot us an email at marketing@skycatch.com


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