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Recap: Optimizing Mining Operations Featuring Komatsu Australia

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Mining ROI Webinar

Thank you to everyone who joined the webinar Robots, Risk Mitigation, and ROI: Optimizing Mining Operations with Drones! We greatly enjoyed co-hosting with Komatsu Australia and sharing what drone workflows can look like, the ROI you can experience when implementing a drone solution on your mine, and real-life customer success stories.

If you missed it, you can find a recording here:  


Key Takeaways and Highlights 

Progress tracking with Everyday Drone

Komatsu Australia integrates the Skycatch High Precision Package into their Everyday Drone solution, a Komatsu offering that gives their customers access to the high-accuracy point cloud data.

The Everyday Drone solution allows customers to:

  • Monitor progress tracking

  • Perform volume calculations

  • Resolve disputes easily

  • Increase surveying efficiency and ROI

“We did a drone flight on a big project that we had to move about 40,000 cubic yards of dirt. We compared that data that we collected and realized that there was about 6,000 cubic yards of earth that was in addition, and used that information for a change order on the project.” - Komatsu Customer

Volume measurements with Skycatch

In one example use case, Komatsu Australia needed to survey six quarries, with point cloud deliverables that were going to be used by the client:

  • Accurate volume reporting

  • Complex volume reports

  • Planning and monitoring assistance

Surveying six quarries would have normally taken more than a month for a single surveyor, and might have resulted in a less detailed deliverable. Using the Skycatch-powered Everyday Drone solution, Komatsu Australia was able to survey all six quarries in only five days, with the point clouds for each quarry processed and delivered in less than 24 hours - a huge boost in survey productivity.

To learn more about Komatsu Australia, visit them at www.komatsu.com.aus, check out their Twitter and LinkedIn, or reach out at smartcentresupport@komatsu.com.au

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