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INSTANT ANALYSIS WITH THE EDGE1: Get Reliable 5cm Accurate Data in 30 Minutes

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Our close partner DJI recently announced the launch of the Phantom 4 RTK, a clear signal that the industry is beginning to mature to demand precision mapping. We are excited to welcome the Phantom 4 RTK to the RTK drone family, an accessible drone that is perfect for first-time precision drone users as they begin to transition away from GCP workflows.

Our RTK-based High Precision Package has eliminated GCP workflows and achieves consistent 5cm accuracy since 2016, and now includes a revolutionary new product, the Edge1. The Edge1 is the world’s first integrated base station and in-field processing unit that consistently delivers accurate data, in your local coordinate system within 30 minutes - without GCPs.

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We included data from one of our High Precision Package test flights conducted by a licensed surveyor and processed on the Edge1. Fields in green indicate Z error values of 2cm/.066USft or less. You can read more about this proven accuracy in our white paper.


Aaron Marsh of Komatsu Australia uses the Edge1 in the field to deliver progress results to his customers in near-real time:

“The Edge1 is awesome. In 30 minutes, we get accurate data back to the customer, where they can update their as-builts for the entire site. It allows them to plan better, whether moving their project forward or if there’s a holdup, they can get on it straight away, same day, rather than waiting a week to figure out they’re behind.” 

- Aaron Marsh, National Technology Solution Expert Manager, Smart Centre at KOMATSU Australia


The Edge1 is a powerful tool for our enterprise customers trust - and soon, the Edge1 is going to be expanding into an ecosystem of its own. Want to learn more? Stay tuned next week for an exciting announcement during our keynote presentation at AirWorks 2018, and sign up for our newsletter for important updates below. See you in Texas, and beyond!