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Hensel Phelps Gains Competitive Edge and Reduces Schedule Variance with Skycatch

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Hensel Phelps preparing for drone mission

Hensel Phelps, one of the largest general contractors and construction managers in the US, is also one of the most innovative and forward thinking in the industry and has been at the forefront of drone adoption. Five years ago, VDC Manager Richard Lopez created the Hensel Phelps drone program to research the new technology’s ability to increase jobsite safety and efficiency.

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During his competitive analysis, Richard discovered the Skycatch High Precision Package was able to quickly and accurately digitize their job sites to provide weekly insights. The data became invaluable by mitigating schedule variance, accurately tracking earthwork that provides a competitive edge in the bidding process, and improving jobsite safety by dramatically increasing spatial awareness on site - all without the need to constantly place GCPs. Watch the video below to learn more:


In the resulting case study, you’ll discover how Hensel Phelps was able to leverage the surveyor-proven accuracy of the High Precision Package to impact the critical success factors of their projects. 

“We're trying to set a high bar - that's what we try to do with safety, quality, performance, and efficiency. Using Skycatch is one of the ways Hensel Phelps achieves that goal.” - Aaron Hale, Superintendent, Hensel Phelps

Skycatch is here to help you at every stage of the construction process. Download the case study and contact one of our construction advisory team to make an impact today.

Download the Case Study

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