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Digitizing Earthworks with Flywheel and Autodesk

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Komatsu D85 pushing Indonesian coal in Power plant Ljubljana

Earthworks contractors: get ready to turn the world upside down. You know how important it is to know what the terrain state is at the beginning of the project, and what it should be at the end of the earthworks phase. But relying on eyeballed estimates or an obsolete data model will more often than not result in contractual discrepancies, underestimations and unaccountable work. So, what can you do about it?

Using a drone data platform lets you assess and track your earthwork in a way that safeguards all parties. All it takes is a quick flyover and an upload to the cloud to start and keep your project off on the right terms.

earthworksSoil profile progression on Skycatch viewer

Whether you're estimating or excavating, accurate measurements are crucial. Digitizing earthwork with drone data can help you:

  • Win more bids with faster, more precise estimates
  • Easily track and communicate progress to stakeholders
  • Avoid billing disputes with accurate records for accounts receivable

While your counterparts are still deliberating over the quantity of last week's cut fill, you'll have already been paid because you sent in your 3D volume measurements the very next day. And for those of you doing trench excavation, did we mention one-click contour exports?

We called in the experts from Flywheel BIM Consultants and Autodesk to teach you how with real workflows and live Q&A in this month's Skycatch-DJI webinar.

"Walk into all of your meetings with the confidence of knowing the quantity and location of where your dirt was, is, and will be."
Dustin Williams, Flywheel

Learn everything you need to know from the comfort of your own computer at “DJI Drone Workflows for Earthworks” on April 27, 10 AM PT (Find your timezone)

Register now at skycatch.com/webinar