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New Release: Flight Direction Control

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We’re excited to announce several exciting new updates today. The first is a feature called Flight Direction Control. This feature gives you the ability to set the flight direction in order to optimize for the shape of your flight area.

Use Flight Direction Control to set the flight path relative to wind, terrain, and obstacles. COMMANDER is currently the only DJI app on the market with this feature.

Here's how some of our customers are already using this feature:

  1. X-pattern: fly the same flight zone twice, at leg directions that are perpendicular to each other (ex: mission 1 flies north/south and mission 2 flies east/west), and then combine the photos into one data set when uploading for processing. You'll find better 360 coverage of vertical structures this way, without needing to slow down for oblique shots.

  2. Linear flight areas: when the length of the flight area exceeds the reach of the DJI telemetry, adjust the flight direction to be diagonal or perpendicular to the area in order to maintain radio contact.

  3. Partially obstructed views: often on construction sites, a building or crane may obstruct part of the line of sight view to the drone as it traverses the flight area.Use this tool to set up a flight direction that optimizes for your line of sight

  4. Changing terrain elevation: in areas with steep elevation changes, use this tool to fly parallel to the face of a steep hill, which is safer than flying directly towards it.

  5. Adjusting the location of the first waypoint: changing the direction of flight will also adjust the location of the first waypoint, labeled "Route 1" on the screen.


Our next announcement is that for a limited time, you can download COMMANDER for FREE!

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