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NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman Joins Skycatch Board of Directors

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Cady Coleman NASA Astronaut

Skycatch, Inc. is proud to announce the appointment of Catherine “Cady” G. Coleman as a new addition to our Board of Directors.

In addition to serving the U.S. Air Force as a colonel and scientist, Cady is best known for her time as a NASA astronaut, where she has logged a total of 180 days in space. She flew in space twice on the Space Shuttle Columbia, first on a laboratory science mission, and on her second mission, she led the deployment of the Chandra X Ray Observatory. Her spaceflight career culminated in an epic 159-day stay aboard the International Space Station as the lead science and lead robotics officer, performing the second-ever capture of a free-flying supply ship, using Canadarm2, the space station’s robotic arm.

Cady Coleman and fellow astronaut piloting the Canadarm2
Capturing a supply ship with the Canadarm2

"As an astronaut living on the International Space Station, I had the privilege of seeing the earth from space as a part of my everyday life.  It changes a person, and for me, it also highlighted the value of perspective, and more specifically, the value of multiple perspectives.  I’m excited about working with the Skycatch team to explore how we can bring new perspectives to problem solving here on Earth, " said Coleman.

"I love that a typical day with the Skycatch team involves robots and software, but it also means thinking about the people who use those systems, and how to supply the perspective needed to make decisions that only people can. What I find compelling about Skycatch is that the drones and their software interface can provide a piece of the big picture that was previously inaccessible in the time needed to make decisions."

Cady holds a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a doctorate in polymer science and engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. 

Over her decades-long tenure at NASA, Cady served in a variety of roles including Chief of Robotics for the Astronaut Office, and innovation lead at NASA’s Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT). Her work with LAUNCH.ORG, a unique innovation platform, was pivotal to proving that technology developed for exploration of the moon and Mars was essential technology development for Earth as well.

Cady meeting with President Obama

Cady continues to operate at the forefront of technology, space exploration, education and inclusion. In her public speaking work, Cady focuses on sharing her space-related stories about leadership, collaboration and the importance of both STEM and STEAM. She is a frequent contributor at the MIT Media Lab, and serves on MIT’s Visiting Committee for Aeronautics and Astronautics as well as on the Board of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.  

Cady Coleman at the

“We are very excited to have Cady join our board and look forward to her contributions,” said Christian Sanz, CEO, Skycatch. “Cady‘s vast amount of knowledge and experience as a scientist, an engineer, and an astronaut will be invaluable to Skycatch, providing fresh insights to our technology and business priorities as we continue to transform our business at an accelerated pace.”


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