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Komatsu and Skycatch Announce Agreement to Distribute High Precision Solution Worldwide

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Automating the jobsite with Explore1

October 29, 2018 - Komatsu and Skycatch jointly announce the global availability of the Explore1 high precision RTK drone and Edge1 GNSS base station and on-premise data processing and aerial analytics unit, now available through the Komatsu global distribution channels. 

Komatsu has been pioneering job site automation in Construction since 1921, providing savvy construction workers across the globe the ability to leverage the most innovative technology with the goal to automate construction job sites to reach maximum efficiency and productivity. 

“The introduction of Explore1 and Edge1 have already revolutionized the Japanese market, and we are excited to share this technology with all Komatsu distributors globally. Edge1 accuracy and powerful in-field aerial analytics will become the center of automation for all future job sites, especially in North America,” said Chikashi Shike, President, Smart Construction Promotion Division Komatsu. 

In common construction workflows, the time to data using traditional surveying methods could take weeks until project stakeholders can view or analyze their job site data. With the Edge1, customers are able to leverage a seamless GCP free workflow that consistently delivers sub 5 cm accurate data, in arbitrary or local coordinate systems within 30 minutes, saving countless hours and labor costs.

Since its inception, more than 10,000 job sites across Japan have been using the Skycatch high precision platform to eliminate the need for GCP’s and deliver record-setting time-to-data in one easy to use full solution.

“Skycatch and Komatsu offer a unique opportunity for the precision drone customer. Not only do we provide a full solution, but we also offer a product that can seamlessly fit on to any job site. The Edge1 has been optimized to work with any DJI drone, most recently with the Phantom 4RTK. We believe everyone should be able to experience a streamlined GCP free workflow no matter what drone you have,” said Christian Sanz, Founder and CEO of Skycatch.

For more information, please contact:

Jackie Guilbault, Marketing Director - jackie@skycatch.com

About Skycatch

Skycatch is the leading industrial data collection and analytics company, focused on indexing and extracting critical information from the physical world. We use a combination of hardware, software, and artificial intelligence to deliver high precision data at unprecedented speed and ease of use. Built for enterprise, our turnkey solutions are deployed across global project sites with the world's largest construction, mining, and energy companies.