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Expanding Digital Transformation is Top of Mind for Miners in 2021

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Happy New Year! 

As we continue to work with our customers and learn more about their needs in the new year, one theme has come through loud and clear. The number one focus for 2021 is to expand and capitalize on their company and department's digital transformation efforts. The development and use of digital twins of their sites is mission critical toward a future of becoming a fully optimized digital mine.

Partially driven by COVID-19 and the global pandemic, these innovation leaders are looking to use 3D data to support strategic decisions for the future of the industry.

Most recently, drone-based mining solutions from Skycatch are replacing expensive laser scanners to help geologists and geotechnical engineers do better pit planning and safety evaluations for extracting minerals from their surface mines.

This includes analysis for highwall mining, tailings dam monitoring, and stockpile reconciliations amongst others. And, creating and using high accuracy UAV-captured 3D site data is an integral part of that transformation.

Highwall scanning with the next generation of drone-based capture has made significant advancement in 2020. The Skycatch mining solution provides the high accuracy, high resolution data that geologists and geotechnical engineers can use to make important planning and safety decisions in surface mines.

More than that, the future of digital mines will see continued automation that will require this same level of high accuracy 3D data.

Our CTO David Chen recently published an article about uses for big data in Mining Engineering, the official journal of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME)

David discusses the evolution of and uses for 3D data at open pit mines in his article entitled How Abundant Mining Industry Data Solves Long-standing Challenges and Leverages Advancements. Be sure to check it out in the January issue. Or you can download the PDF here.

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Happy reading!

If you are ready to talk about your digital transformation efforts and want to learn more about how the Skycatch Vision Engine can help, please fill out this form and one of our specialists will be in touch.