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Skycatch Deploying UAVs and Two Engineers to Nepal for Earthquake Relief

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Skycatch is joining the relief efforts for Nepal by providing UAV mapping assistance after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the country on Saturday. We are deploying a number of resources to help with search and rescue, logistics, planning, and damage assessment. This week, two Skycatch engineers are heading to Kathmandu to map the highest priority zones in the country’s capital.  We are also opening up our data processing tools for anyone on the ground collecting geo-referenced imaging so they can process high resolution maps, overlay them on Google Earth maps, and collect the information needed for critical missions.


Fortunately, an amazing group has come together in our mission to support Nepal. We are working in conjunction with several organizations, such as LinkedIn for Good and UNESCO, both on the ground and remotely to provide aid to those affected by the earthquake. Clayco and Komatsu, two of our largest clients who have validated Skycatch's technology in the field - i.e. produced the highest resolution maps available from UAVs - are volunteering their own resources to help us in Nepal. Our friend Jared Leto has teamed up with Skycatch to increase awareness and build support for helping the earthquake victims in Nepal.

“The devastation from Saturday’s earthquake in Nepal has left thousands of people in dangerous conditions and in immediate need of food, water, shelter, and medicine. Skycatch’s UAV data processing technology will help accelerate S&R and disaster recovery efforts to mitigate the suffering in Nepal.” - Jared Leto

Christian Sanz, Skycatch's CEO, pointed out why he feels it is important to send UAVs to Nepal:

"Skycatch is taking immediate action to assist the people of Nepal and the relief organizations on the ground. Our technology can help keep humans out of harm's way by using robots to operate in the inaccessible, dangerous, and changing environment of Kathmandu. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted by the earthquake." - Christian Sanz, CEO and Founder of Skycatch

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