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Skycatch Hosts Ireland's Minister of Transport, Tourism, and Sport

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Skycatch was honored to host Ireland's Minister of Transport, Tourism, and Sport for an engaging discussion on UAV strategy and regulatory environments.

Businesses all over the world are increasingly turning their attention to the wealth of data UAVs can collect. As local governments begin work on regulating this emerging industry, many companies want to get ahead of the game by testing UAVs and integrating them into their workforce. In an effort to expand and expedite UAV testing, Skycatch is proposing a regulation-free zone in Ireland that will allow interested companies to test Skycatch without worrying about breaking the rules.

"There is an overwhelming number of companies that want to integrate UAVs into their workforce, but there will be some time before the regulations are approved and in place. We want to set up a safe testing environment for companies to evaluate technology like Skycatch’s, so when the regulations are finalized, companies will have the tools implemented and they can hit the ground running. Early testing is both advantageous for business and for the public, and we’re eager to explore how to make this happen." -Paschal Donohoe, Ireland's Minister of Transport, Tourism, and Sport

“The amount of inbound interest has been overwhelming from industry. The biggest hurdle for companies today is testing. Providing them with a legal option for testing aerial vehicles would be a huge push forward in aerial mapping." -Christian Sanz, CEO and Founder Skycatch

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