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Debut WORKMODE Workshop at AU in Vegas

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The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Economist agree -- drones are big business. If you’re attending Autodesk University 2014, a gathering of 10,000 specialists in construction, design, manufacturing, and mapping, you’ll see what we mean.

Interest in UAV technology from property owners, construction companies, farmers, and city planners is increasing. But what does this mean for the everyday drone pilot -- the individual entrepreneur or small business owner trying to see how UAV’s can become part of their value proposition? Skycatch answers this question with WORKMODE™ by giving any UAV pilot the tools to create valuable, actionable products and by connecting them with clients.

The inaugural WORKMODE Workshop will be held this year during Autodesk University on Thursday, December 4th in Las Vegas, NV. This class -- part of becoming a Platinum certified WORKMODE pilot -- is being offered at no charge for the first 10 signups we receive. There is huge demand and a limited number of slots so don’t miss this opportunity to learn alongside hand-picked industry professionals about the huge value UAV’s generate in the marketplace.

During the course, we’ll cover types of drones, regulatory issues, insurance basics, mission planning, site safety, kinds of UAV data products, and how to make your clients excited about your UAV services. If you have a drone -- bring it! If not, we can provide you with one.