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Web Summit 2014

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This week, Skycatch is presenting at Web Summit, the world's premier conference in enterprise technology. With hundreds of leaders presenting and 20,000 people attending, it’s like the Coachella of the tech world. Where else could one bounce from stage to stage, listening to the founder of DropBox, the CTO of Nike, the former CEO of Apple, and the likes of Bono and Eva Longoria? And it’s not just well-known companies and celebrities that will be featured; several innovative start-ups will be making their Web Summit debut this year, including Skycatch.

Christian Sanz, our CEO, will be on the Main Stage on Thursday at 9:35 AM to present Skycatch’s unique, fully autonomous battery swapping and data retrieval technology. Those in attendance will see the first public demo of WORKMODE, Skycatch's latest tool for UAV pilots everywhere. He will also participate on the Game of Drones panel on Tuesday at 12:30 pm at Web Summit on the Machine Stage (Update: Check out CNET's write-up from Dublin). These two events will be great sources for the latest information on the direction of Skycatch and the commercial UAV market as a whole. Watch the live stream here, or check back for a summary of the events!