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Successful companies know that the key to their success is in hiring the right people. At Skycatch, we develop leading edge UAV technology that serves as a data collection platform for companies to leverage brand new data sets. Therefore, we need to hire exceptional people who embrace doing new things in new ways, and who also share Skycatch values. The phrase “we hire athletes” captures our philosophy when it comes to recruiting people with the right work ethic and right attitude.

The Skycatch team lives by three values: humble, nimble, and reliable. What does it mean to be a Skycatch athlete who shares those values? First, to be humble means to put your clients and team first. The objective each day is to do what’s in the best interest of the company and those we serve. You know when to pass the ball and when to take the shot, and you feel proud when your teammate scores. Second, one has to respond agilely to the unpredictable challenges that crop up, i.e. be nimble. You nimbly maneuver over, around, through the hurdles that stand between you and the goal. Third, the team can rely on you to deliver on your goals. To be reliable means when the ball is passed to you, your teammates trust that you will fully execute, you will score.

If the idea of being an “athlete” at work resonates with you, and you have a passion for operating on the frontier of commercial UAV technology, email jobs@skycatch.com with your resume. Also check out our AngelList page for the latest descriptions of job openings.

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