How Accurate Do Your Mine Surveys Need to Be?


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This one-hour webinar was a part of our regular series of roundtable discussions with mining industry professionals and thought leaders from around the world.

In April, we talked with two highly experienced mine surveyors based in North America and Australia, working at large international mining organizations. 

Listen in for a lively, interactive discussion about:

  • Who are the stakeholders of the data they capture on a mine site, and what do they really care about?
  • What level of accuracy is required for different survey jobs on a mine site?
  • Drones, terrestrial scanners, handheld GPS, other - what is the right tool for the job?
  • What are best practices for getting stakeholders the data they need, when they need it?

Featured Guests:

Kylan Borton, Mine Surveyor Canada

Simon Jamieson, Mine Surveyor Australia

Will Pryor, Skycatch Enterprise Solutions