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How To Collect Excellent Data Sets, Part 3

This is Part 3 of a three-part series. In the first installment, we covered everything you need to know to correctly prep for your flight for safe and accurate data collection. In Part 2, we went over best practices for mission execution. In this our final installment, you’ll find out the best ways to download,… continue reading »

Skycatch Releases New Features

Skycatch would like to welcome you to our new download menu with contour exports now available! The new interface is not only easier to use, but it’s also been made more informative. This update includes all of these added features: Download All File Types Available For Your Plan Export Contours Of Your Data In DXF… continue reading »

Building With The Beck Group: Upgrade Your Construction Workflow With Drones

Interested in using drone data for BIM, but not sure how to set up your workflow in a way that improves your bottom line? Don’t miss the the next Skycatch DJI live webinar: “DJI Drone Workflows for BIM Coordination Part 1” featuring The Beck Group, March 16 at 10AM PT! Save your spot at:   Communication… continue reading »

New Feature Release: 3D Mesh Sharing

In our newest update, we’re excited to announce 3D mesh sharing! Now you can share your 3D meshes with the world, just like our 2D map sharing feature. It’s a great way to easily share site progress with others, or embed your finished product into your website. Check out this interactive embedded 3D mesh of an… continue reading »

5 Awesome Ways To Bring Skycatch Data Into Your Construction Workflows: Introducing Our Direct Export Feature

  At Skycatch we know that when it comes to construction industry workflows, the name of the game is immediacy and flexibility. When you need something, you need it now. Construction professionals depend on a dizzying array of tools, softwares and workflows they utilize on a daily basis in order to achieve their desired outcome…. continue reading »