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Healthy Habits Build Better Companies

Skycatch strongly believes in fostering a healthy culture by encouraging physical activity, good nutrition, and stress relief. As part of this effort, we’ve recently instituted our new fitness program, SkyFit. SkyFit is now available to all employees and is designed to optimize employee health and productivity in the office. SkyFit gives employees a chance to… continue reading »

Skycatch Deploying UAVs and Two Engineers to Nepal for Earthquake Relief

Skycatch is joining the relief efforts for Nepal by providing UAV mapping assistance after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the country on Saturday. We are deploying a number of resources to help with search and rescue, logistics, planning, and damage assessment. This week, two Skycatch engineers are heading to Kathmandu to map the highest priority… continue reading »


Successful companies know that the key to their success is in hiring the right people. At Skycatch, we develop leading edge UAV technology that serves as a data collection platform for companies to leverage brand new data sets. Therefore, we need to hire exceptional people who embrace doing new things in new ways, and who… continue reading »